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Chibi Maria


Chibi Maria: Born November 28, 1984, this short, bespectacled female is currently attending Douglass College @ Rutgers University. Her Major is Information Technology and Informatics and she is planning to minor in Japanese. She works in the family business, Shore Sunrise Bakery, as a "jack queen of all trades". This is her graphics, icons, wallpapers, etc. journal @ livejournal.


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Original layout and overrides were made by premade_ljs. Layout header and modifications were made by me. Please do not steal.

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About/Credits/Awards/Etc. [November 28, 2015 @ 6:10am]
[This Post is Always on Top]
SummaryCollapse )
CreditsCollapse )
Awards (Count: 22)Collapse )
The Goodies: Icons/Wallpapers/EtcCollapse )
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Survey + Free iPod Raffle! [February 07, 2007 @ 6:22pm]

Yes, this is yet ANOTHER one of those, please do Maria a favor kind of things. Leave complaints in the comments -_-* BUT good news is that you could get something out of this!


Fill out a 15 minute survey and you could win a 2GB iPod Nano!

Go to:


for more information!

Only accepting the first 50 participants so please hurry!

(this is good because it increases your chances of winning!)

Note: Yes, it says Rutgers University students only (because I only applied for IRB approval from Rutgers)... however... this is minimal risk human research, and if you sign up with an e-mail other than a school address (i.e. if you use a gmail or comcast account instead of nyu.edu), there is no way for me to know if you are a Rutgers student or not *wink wink*. And I can mail the prize if you win *wink wink*. Its hard enough to get people to do this so I'm going under a strict Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, but please do take it seriously and don't skew the results on purpose, okay?

Oh and yes, this is real. The winner will get a brand new 2gb iPod. It is sitting in a safe as I type this and I have witnesses (and approval from Rutgers) to confirm it as legit.

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42 Icons and Another Ebay Plug! [January 01, 2007 @ 1:12am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Icons from May 2006 through December 2006 are below. Some are from icontests and others are random stuff I made recently. Some of it is not my best stuff... but nonetheless...

PLUG (Advertisement)
More eBay Auctions are up! Over 20 auctions!
Will combine shipping! I have over 100 feedback at 100% positive!
All Auctions are at this link
Final Fantasy Books & Cards, xxxHolic Manga, VHS lot, Learn Japanese, an Anime Cel, and more!!Collapse )

1. Credit = a must
2. Comments (of both the + and - variety) = ♥ ♥ ♥
3. Direct Linking = I stab you in your sleep
4. Modifications = okay (as long as you credit ^_-)

Final Fantasy (10)
CLAMP Series (7)
Rutgers/Douglass (7)
Sailor Moon (15)
The West Wing (3)
Total = 42


You can come along with meCollapse )

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LJ Plug: eBay Auctions! [December 16, 2006 @ 1:15am]
[ mood | tired ]

Last chance to get some great stuff (for really cheap!) before the Holidays!

chibi_maria's eBay Auctions

items for sale include:
-NEW Nintendo Wii and Zelda
-NEW PS2 Games
-NEW 2GB mini SD Card
-Autographed Hockey Program and Puck

Check it out!


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Utada Hikaru 55 [August 12, 2006 @ 9:02pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

55 Utada Hikaru Icons
Mostly from her Ultra Blue CD Booklet, but some other stuff too...

1. Credit = a must
2. Comments (of both the + and - variety) = ♥ ♥ ♥
3. Direct Linking = I stab you in your sleep
4. Modifications = okay (as long as you credit ^_-)


Watashi no te de-Collapse )

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OTAKON 2006 Goodies [August 12, 2006 @ 12:36pm]
[x-posted from Midget Bites so you all wouldn't feel left out ^_^]

OTAKON 2006 Pictures (the few that I have... I was only there for one day! -_-)

OTAKON 2006 Videos (Cosplay Skits and miscellaneous one... going up gradually...)

And thats about it.... Pictures are entirely done... but hopefully more video will go up sooner or later... It takes a lot longer than the pictures and I have to edit out ayaweird and me stalking someone. ^_^ lol

BTW, bug ayaweird for her OTAKON 2006 photos and photos of her cosplay dolls.
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Ayaweird's OTAKON Artist Alley Preview [August 01, 2006 @ 10:51am]
[ mood | energetic ]

[NOTE: I didn't make this, my buddy ayaweird did.]

ayaweird and me are going to OTAKON this year. She'll be in the artist alley and I'll be the lowly helper. ^_^ Anyway, I wanted to give you all a special preview of something that'll be at the table for people to check out.

Who could it be?!Collapse )

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Heroine Addiction [July 15, 2006 @ 10:19am]
[ mood | restless ]

My Final Fantasy name is Aeris Til Alexandros.
Take Final Fantasy Name Generator today!
Created with Rum and Monkey's Name Generator Generator.

The internet is such a crack-filled "place".

And now I'm going to act like I'm somewhat productive so that you won't think this is an entirely meaningless post... ha ha ha

Utada Hikaru 50 Icons.... PREVIEW.... ha ha ha

I won't post anymore stupid shit until I do get that done.

And the current count is at: 32 ...but there are a lot of variations...
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More Stupid Stuff [July 01, 2006 @ 6:18pm]
[ mood | silly ]

When it comes to this LJ stuff, sometimes I think I have ADD or something.

watch chibimaria fight

If you're wondering what graphics stuff I'm doing...
not a whole lot. Some weekly contests here and there.
I do hope to do at least one big batch the summer. Some stuff I'd like to icon include:
-Utada Hikaru Ultra Blue Album photos
-Utena Movie (only if I can do it justice)
-Kingdom Hearts II (after I beat it)

and I'll post icontest entries eventually.
off to do something... productive.... maybe...
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Just a quickie... [June 21, 2006 @ 8:48am]
I liked this quiz, so I thought I'd share it... I'm a bit of tarot card fan.

You scored as III - The Empress. The Empress is a maternal symbol. She is the mother figure who loves, nurtures and protects.
She will protect you, she will always be there when you are in trouble. When you fall over and graze your knee, the Empress will kiss it better.
Yet she is not a weak figure. Her compassion is strength. If her children are threatened she will stop at nothing to protect them. If well aspected in a Tarot spread, the Empress can symbolise security, protection and unconditional love. If badly aspected it can represent over-protectiveness, fear of risk taking and refusal to face the real world.


III - The Empress


X - Wheel of Fortune


XVI: The Tower


0 - The Fool


XIII: Death


IV - The Emperor


XI: Justice


XIX: The Sun


I - Magician


VIII - Strength


II - The High Priestess


VI: The Lovers


XV: The Devil


Which Major Arcana Tarot Card Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com
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Quick little Music Quiz [May 17, 2006 @ 10:24pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Ah procrastinating... stolen from tifa_lockhart27

Put the songs on random in your favorite music player and write down the songs next to each blank!

Cut it because its a little long... and I use 'bad language'.Collapse )

I really should go through it and fill it out the way I would... but that might take too much time. lol

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icontest entries Feb~May [April 25, 2006 @ 2:25pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

These are various icons I submitted to some icontest entries (and an alternate or two) from Feb~May 2006... Not exactly that date range, but close enough. Sorry about the bad formatting, but I'm too lazy to do the whole table neatness... you'll get over it, I'm sure.

(And for anybody waiting for me to get back to them on something, I'll do that my next obligatory hw/study break)

1. Credit = a must
2. Comments (of both the + and - variety) = ♥ ♥ ♥
3. Direct Linking = I stab you in your sleep
4. Modifications = okay (as long as you credit ^_-)


Click here for 19 total iconsCollapse )

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Douglass/Rutgers B&W Photos [April 21, 2006 @ 7:53pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

As I mentioned on my blog, I was asked by a friend to take some pictures of some Douglass (and 1 Rutgers) landmarks. She's on some kind of freshman/first-year welcoming committee and they needed some new pictures for the newspaper that they send the first-years when they come to Douglass. The newspaper pretty much has information about orientation activites and all the locations, etc. So yeah, here are the pictures... This is only a sampling as I don't know what pictures, if any, they are using. Also, there are a few random pictures I took while I was out (including: ducks at passion puddle, tent state, the douglass sign), that are just kinda thrown in there. Also there is a panoramic version of Passion Puddle that I quickly made using 5 pictures (yay stitch mode!) and some quick photoshopping.

"Stealing" Policy: I really don't know. They're pretty much Douglass' property now (I'd be surprised if I get credited in the newspaper... its really not that much of a big deal, hence why I got asked to do it ^_-), so I think anything would be okay. I imagine that if you wanted to use an image for personal (not-for-profit) usage, it'd be okay (i.e. for a wallpaper). I copyrighted them mostly in case they somehow wound up on google image search or something, but if you repost them, I would appreciate credit. If you want the full size color version of a certain image, just leave a comment and I'll put it up.


Click here to go the gallery! [opens in a new window]

I'm too damn lazy to link to all the images here... just go to the gallery. All the pictures even have titles and descriptions over there...

[And yes, "Passion Puddle" and "Kissing Bridge" are what they are actually referred to, and not me trying to be funny. They are the result of what happens when you let girls name stuff. A Margaret Cho joke about lesbians naming race horses come to mind...warning: obscenity and hilarityCollapse )]

And thats it, back to studying/homework/shooting myself in the foot.

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CLAMP, CCS, FF X/X-2, Photo Scraps [April 12, 2006 @ 12:18pm]
Okay, here is an unusual post... as some of you may know I got a new camera for Christmas (Canon Powershot A610)... and it has loads of features compared to my old camera (HP315). So while I was learning the macro/portrait mode I took some shots of some figures I have to get the hang of it. These are those shots.

Anyway, the quality is really not that great. The lighting is bad and I didn't worry about shadows or anything like that. Minimal photo editing as well (I just auto-corrected and sharpened and that was it). As I was just mostly trying to get used to the custom macro mode I didn't worry about other things. Anyway, you are welcome to use these pictures in ANY WAY you want. I'm only sharing them because of that old adage: one person's trash is another person's treasure... (that and I feel bad/depressed for not posting more here)... If you do find a use for some of the pictures, I'd be interested in seeing what you did. Also credit is not mandatory (and there's no watermark or copyright), but is certainly appreciated.

[2] Card Captor Sakura (Sakura)
[3] Maho Tsukai Tai! (Sae)
[16] CLAMP Chess Figures (Mokona-Modoki x3, Sakura, Tomoyo, and Watanuki)
[6] FFX Yuna
[9] FFX-2 Yuna


For the full set, visit Midget Bites's Image Depository... by CLICKING HERE.

I might eventually get around to re-doing these shots if anyone is interested.
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Uh... Help PLEASE?! [April 02, 2006 @ 6:24pm]
UPDATE: I got enough surveys filled out! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who took the the time to fill it out!!!!

Hi, everyone. I need a big favor. In my social informatics class, we have to do a peer study analysis group project. My group is doing online banking. In order to get a good sampling, we have to get a lot of responses to our survey… so I’m asking if you can take out some time and fill one out. If you do you’ll get major brownie points and I’ll love you FOREVER.

**Hell, if you have an icon or even a header request I'd be glad to do it if you're willing to help me out. Just fill out my survey, send it back, and tell me what you want (i.e. send me images, text you want, etc.) and I'll get cracking on it ASAP. (Note: this applies to anyone who got my e-mail and already filled out a survey too. If you want something, I'd be more than glad to do it.)

**Note: You CAN fill out the survey EVEN IF YOU DON'T USE ONLINE BANKING! Just skip the questions that don't apply to you!

Click here PLEASE!!Collapse )
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Wallpaper Dump (KH2, FF7AC, PGSM, HOWL) [March 13, 2006 @ 7:26pm]
[ mood | apathetic ]

Wallpapers! OMG, Maria did wallpapers! *gasp* Don't worry, they're not any good... Now that's the Maria we all know and love. Okay, there *might* be like two or three "good" ones in the whole set, but overall I'm dissatisified. But just for the heck of it, here they are. Some of them have been sitting on the hard drive for at least 6 months now. Best to get them up and forget about them. lol

rules: Free to use anywhere on your own computer. I don't really care if you modify them. Just give me credit for the "base" if you repost them. Uploading them to wherever is okay too as long as I get credit.

Formats: 1024*768 and 800*640
Series - Quantity:
Final Fantasy 7 AC - 2
Howl's Moving Castle - 2
Kingdom Hearts 2 - 8
Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon - 3
Utada Hikaru - 1


You must be a glutton for pain, ne?Collapse )

*Might* be able to pull off an icon and/or photo post before spring break is over. Big maybe on that one.

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photo winner, meme, and icontest entries [February 02, 2006 @ 11:02pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

And here is the agenda: 1). facebook photo vote results, 2. meme, and 3. icontest entries

1). The photo winners were:
#4 with 4 votes - #8 with 3 votes - and #1 with 2 votes
more on thatCollapse )

2). rainbowrawk tagged on a meme. I did this one before, but its been a while so why not:
list my six current favorite songs, then tag six friends to do the same.

(in no particular order, they're pretty much coming off my ipod recently played list)

Utada Hikaru - Passion ~Kingdom Hearts 2 Opening Version~ (Japanese)
No Doubt - Sunday Morning (English)
Yuki Kajiura - I Talk to the Rain (Instrumental)
Linkin Park - Faint (EMT Mix) (English)
Madonna - Die Another Day (Deepsky Mix) (English)
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Neo Universe (Japanese)

(Yes, I know I have really weird tastes...)
as for tagging, how about: ayaweird, daisuke_takeru, eclecticrose, farfromsane, tifa_lockhart27, tmarro

3). Since this is my graphics journal, I am pretty much obligated to post something of the graphical nature, so you get stuck with my recent icontest submissions. Hey, there are some winners in the batch, so it *might* not be entirely useless. They're up for grabs if anyone wants them.

More Final Fantasy, CLAMP, and Sailor Moon *gasp*Collapse )

No blog post tonight.... Yeah, so the LJ gets the love this time.

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Just because [February 01, 2006 @ 4:23pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Yes, I know I don't update here enough (which also says I'm not working in photoshop enough), so just because I'll open up the vote over here. This is cross-posted from my blog (that I *do* post in).

Although I'm not in facebook very much, I'll give you the chance to pick my new facebook picture. Pick 1 (or hell, top 3 if you're in the mood) out of 10 total:

Click here for all 10Collapse )

yeah, so if you're bored comment with your favorite one (or top 2, 3, whatever). I may put the final one in full black and white, or just leave it desaturated and layered like they are now.

(PS: I feel stupid having to mention this, but this is obviously a "Look but don't touch" post as in the pictures are not for you to steal and use. I don't know why anyone would steal them, but this is the internet and weirder shit has happened)

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New LJ Layout [January 07, 2006 @ 1:12am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

New LJ Layout featuring Utada Hikaru (her "Passion" PV).

As mentioned on the side, big props to premade_ljs for the layout. In the long run, all I did was the header image and the color scheme.

[Nevertheless, this is not up for grabs. I know I let everyone take all the icons, wallpapers, etc. that they want, but don't steal the header image and copy and paste my layout. If you want to work off the original at premade_ljs (its the natalie portman one), thats fine she lets everyone do that, just don't use the exact same images and layout as me. I may make the header image available after I am done with it]

Yeah, thats it. No other news. Probably won't be any icons and goodies for a while. I gotta get my other stuff done over winter break.

Jaaa ne.

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ICONS: CLAMP (10) + FINAL FANTASY (10) + KINGDOM HEARTS I/II (30) [January 02, 2006 @ 12:10am]
This is massive new years icon dump post 2/2. Featuring:
[10] CLAMP (Card Captor Sakura, X, Tsubasa, Chobits, Clover)
[12] Final Fantasy (7: AC [AERIS SPOILERS], 9, 10)
[3] Kingdom Hearts I (Manga)
[27] Kingdom Hearts II (OPENING ONLY [KH I and CoM SPOILERS], No KH II spoilers)

quick rules
#Do not direct link/hotlink. If you don't know what this means, please ask me!
#Please credit. Feed my ego, okay? Again, if you need help, ask me!
#Comments are appreciated. Its another ego thing. Flames okay, too, but I might flame you back hahaha.


My heart's a battlegroundCollapse )
[x-posted everywhere I could think of ^_^]
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