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photo winner, meme, and icontest entries

And here is the agenda: 1). facebook photo vote results, 2. meme, and 3. icontest entries

1). The photo winners were:
#4 with 4 votes - #8 with 3 votes - and #1 with 2 votes
Actually, #4 and #8 were tied, and I had to break the tie. I thought #4 was a more appropriate facebook picture. I don't think you'd all want "brittany" maria (as marco put it) on your friends lists. BUT I did update my facebook (like, omgz, *gasp*) with two albums. One is "atashi" with pictures of me (including the top 3 photos from the vote) and the other is Favorite Photos which is an album of all the favorite photos I've taken. I know, kinda random to put on facebook, but I felt like it so :-Þ to you. Eventually I'll add a general friends album.

2). rainbowrawk tagged on a meme. I did this one before, but its been a while so why not:
list my six current favorite songs, then tag six friends to do the same.

(in no particular order, they're pretty much coming off my ipod recently played list)

Utada Hikaru - Passion ~Kingdom Hearts 2 Opening Version~ (Japanese)
No Doubt - Sunday Morning (English)
Yuki Kajiura - I Talk to the Rain (Instrumental)
Linkin Park - Faint (EMT Mix) (English)
Madonna - Die Another Day (Deepsky Mix) (English)
L'Arc~en~Ciel - Neo Universe (Japanese)

(Yes, I know I have really weird tastes...)
as for tagging, how about: ayaweird, daisuke_takeru, eclecticrose, farfromsane, tifa_lockhart27, tmarro

3). Since this is my graphics journal, I am pretty much obligated to post something of the graphical nature, so you get stuck with my recent icontest submissions. Hey, there are some winners in the batch, so it *might* not be entirely useless. They're up for grabs if anyone wants them.

rules... same old ones:
-don't direct link
-comments = ♥ ♥ ♥
1. 2. 3. 4.
5. 6. 7.

2. Lyrics/Title from Madonna's "Die Another Day"
3. + 4. Both Won 1st at ff_awards (challenges: cute and memory, respectively)
6. Won 2nd at sm_ichallenge (challenge: pegasus/helios)
7. Won Mod's Choice at sm_ichallenge (challenge: episode 200)

No blog post tonight.... Yeah, so the LJ gets the love this time.
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