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Uh... Help PLEASE?!

UPDATE: I got enough surveys filled out! THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who took the the time to fill it out!!!!

Hi, everyone. I need a big favor. In my social informatics class, we have to do a peer study analysis group project. My group is doing online banking. In order to get a good sampling, we have to get a lot of responses to our survey… so I’m asking if you can take out some time and fill one out. If you do you’ll get major brownie points and I’ll love you FOREVER.

**Hell, if you have an icon or even a header request I'd be glad to do it if you're willing to help me out. Just fill out my survey, send it back, and tell me what you want (i.e. send me images, text you want, etc.) and I'll get cracking on it ASAP. (Note: this applies to anyone who got my e-mail and already filled out a survey too. If you want something, I'd be more than glad to do it.)

**Note: You CAN fill out the survey EVEN IF YOU DON'T USE ONLINE BANKING! Just skip the questions that don't apply to you!

-This is an ANONYMOUS survey. (note: its okay if you want to reveal yourself to me when you reply, this is just to let you know that your identity will not be revealed in my paper and presentation)
-You need to be between 16-26 years old.
-Please answer in as much detail as possible.
-I *might* ask a follow-up question or two.
-Some questions may not apply to you. If this is the case, or you do not wish to comment, please mark the question as so and skip it.
-If you have any additional comments about the topic/survey/etc. please feel free to share them.
-How to respond: You can reply in the comments (they are screened), or send me an e-mail at mmusillo [at] eden [dot] rutgers [dot] edu .

The questions are below... THANKS SO MUCH!!!

-------Questions begin ----------
1. How old are you?

2. Do you have a banking account? Why or why not?

3. Does your bank offer online banking services?

4. Do you use online banking? Why or why not?

5. Was online banking a factor when you chose a certain bank?

6. Do you know what any of the online banking features your bank offers are?

7. Which of those features do you use? Which of those features do you not use? Why?

8. Which of those features and factors of online banking are most important to you?

9. How easy is it for you to use online banking? Is it quick and efficient? Are these important factors to you?

10. When you signed up/started using online banking did you have any security concerns? Did you do any research of the security of your bank’s online system?

11. What security measures does your bank use for online banking? (i.e. security questions, long password, etc.)

12. Have you ever had a security issue, and if so, what was the nature of it?

13. Did you seek assistance from the bank? And if so, what did the bank do to assist you?

14. Has the bank changed any of its security measures since then?

15. Has any of your online banking habits changed since then?

16. If your security were to be compromised in the future by using online banking would you switch banks? Not rely on online banking? Change your banking/security related habits?

17. How do you view your current online banking security? How secure do you feel?

18. Do you view some security measures as a hassle or ineffective?

-------Questions end ----------

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