Chibi Maria (chibimaria) wrote,
Chibi Maria

Survey + Free iPod Raffle!

Yes, this is yet ANOTHER one of those, please do Maria a favor kind of things. Leave complaints in the comments -_-* BUT good news is that you could get something out of this!


Fill out a 15 minute survey and you could win a 2GB iPod Nano!

Go to:

for more information!

Only accepting the first 50 participants so please hurry!

(this is good because it increases your chances of winning!)

Note: Yes, it says Rutgers University students only (because I only applied for IRB approval from Rutgers)... however... this is minimal risk human research, and if you sign up with an e-mail other than a school address (i.e. if you use a gmail or comcast account instead of, there is no way for me to know if you are a Rutgers student or not *wink wink*. And I can mail the prize if you win *wink wink*. Its hard enough to get people to do this so I'm going under a strict Don't Ask Don't Tell policy, but please do take it seriously and don't skew the results on purpose, okay?

Oh and yes, this is real. The winner will get a brand new 2gb iPod. It is sitting in a safe as I type this and I have witnesses (and approval from Rutgers) to confirm it as legit.

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